To fulfil its mission the satellite must be able to perform many tasks, ranging from communicating with the Earth and producing electrical power to correcting the orbital attitude, taking images with its camera, and for the main mission - unreeling the tether and charging it electrically.

The satellite consists of:

  • ADCS - attitude determination and control system, determines and modifies satellite's alignment
  • CAM - onboard camera for taking images of the Earth and the unreeled tether
  • CDHS - command and data handling system, the satellite's main onboard computer
  • COM - communications system for up- and downlinks
  • EPS - electrical power system, provides electrical power for the satellite
  • PL - payload, the satellite's experiment module, that contain the tether and everything else related to the experiment
  • STR - satellite's structure

Ground support:

  • GS - satellite's ground station
  • MCS - mission control system

Useful vocabulary can be found in lately initiated dictionary that is still in progress: Latvian-English-Estonian Dictionary of Satellite Technology Terminology.