Communication with the first Estonian satellite ESTCube-1 is held by using a new generation mission control software - Mission Control System (MCS). The software enables monitoring satellite’s orbital movement, sending commands to the satellite and viewing received data. All data can be viewed in real time and retroactively dating back to the start of the mission. Mission control software also allows monitoring and commanding the ground stations and their components.

The mission control software developed along with ESTCube-1 is first of it’s kind by being open-source and web-based. The open-source nature provides other student satellite teams the opportunity to use this mission control software for their missions. Web-based makes the software accessable from any computer with Internet connection. Because of that it is possible to create a world-wide connection of ground stations which enables more frequent communication with ESTCube-1 and other satellites in the system.

In the development of mission control software Estonian students are instructed by specialists from the space team of international software company CGI Estonia. The open-source infrastructure - Hummingbird - developed by them is the backbone of Estonian mission control software.

The mission control software will be used in first Estonian space mission control center in Tartu Observatory.

Contact person: Urmas Kvell,