Attitude determination and control system is used to determine satellite's attitude in orbit and to control it.

Attitude determination

The satellite is equipped with sun sensors, magnetometers and gyroscopes. With sensor readings we can calculate the satellite’s attitude in repsect to Earth, Earth’s magnetic field and the rotational speed of the satellite.

Our sun sensors  are custom built two-dimensional sun sensors which are equipped with masks, which only allow a small beam of light to the sensor and using geometry together with voltage readings we can determine the angle of incidence of light, this is used to determine the sun’s location

Magnetometeris a device that is used to determine the direction of Earth’s magnetic field (like a 3D compass). 

Gyroscopes show the satellite's rotation speed and axis of rotation.

The attitude of the satellite is estimated on-board using an Unscented Kalman Filter.

Control of the satellite

Satellite's sensors can be used to determine its attitude and direction of the magnetic fields. This information can be used to control the satellite using the magnetotorquers.- > The ADCS performs detumbling, pointing and high rate spin control of the satellite. Spin-rate needed for the experiment is one revolutions per second with controlled orientation of the spin axis.This is performed using three electromagnetic coils. 

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